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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 3: Live Nativities & Small Boys, Do They Realy Mix?

On the third day of Christmas my three boys gave to me (cue the music in your head) ... a live nay-ee-tiv-vi-ah-tee.

I will now profess to just about understand why people enjoy producing live nativities with small children. My current conclusions on the matter are as follow:
  • Kids dressed up as shepherds, angels, and wise men remind us of the true spirit of the Christmas season. Adults dressed up just remind us of community theater or Halloween.  
  • Costume expenses are cheaper since the actors are 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the adult versions. 
  • The drama of working with the actors during rehearsals can be managed with a healthy dose of suckers and, if necessary, time-outs.
  • Kids are cute when they mess up their cues on stage. Adults just look awkward, then ashamed, then sometimes downright angry.
  • Joseph and Mary were probably closer to my kids age when they starred in the actual live version.
  • Can you really go wrong with farm animals (either real or fake) and small children? If only puppies had been mentioned in the gospels, then you really would have a tour de force.
All that being said, I'm still left wondering "Is it safe to place a long stick with a crook in the hands of my two-year-old and expect him to act like a shepherd?" The only people he really sees holding long stick-like objects are the Jedi and dragon slayers (he's got older brothers, it's my only excuse). At best, he might pretend the cane is a guitar (yes, he's seen School of Rock... my fault) or a really big gun (no, he's not seen Dirty Harry, I'm not that bad).

Luckily, no one was injured in the production of this live nativity with the boys.

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